Paint and new flooring in the bedrooms and they’re (pretty much) done!

It’s been an eventful couple of weeks. We haven’t gotten much done on the house since we went on vacation in late February and then both Geek Dad and I promptly got knocked down by a bad cold when we got home. The master bedroom and Geek Child’s bedroom are pretty much done, though. The only thing we have left to do in those rooms is putting in the doorway transitions and painting the master bathroom.

Geek Child’s Bedroom

We finished up Geek Child’s flooring the day after my last post. It didn’t take too much longer once we got the hang of clicking in the flooring. There are a few spots where the flooring isn’t as tight together as it should be, but we’re pretty happy overall.

Blue walls and wood flooring
Geek Child’s walls and floor are done!

The Master Bedroom

I didn’t have any real problem with how the master suite was decorated. It was just sort of blah. Tan walls and carpet that needed to be replaced meant we tackled this bedroom, too. We tore out the carpet and put in the same flooring we used in Geek Child’s room. We also filled holes in the walls, sanded a bunch of drips from the previous paint job, and painted the walls a lovely, calm gray-blue color.

Master bedroom with tan walls and yucky carpet.
Master bedroom before.
Gray-blue walls and wood flooring are a vast improvement.
New paint color and new flooring. The photo doesn’t do the new color on the walls justice.

You’ll notice the ceiling fan in both photos. That was Geek Dad’s handy work. He got in there and switched it out before I took my “before” photo. We’re very much ceiling fans in bedrooms people. The previous fixture was one of those square fixtures. I liked it, but it was no ceiling fan.

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