We’re making progress…Slowly

Geek Dad and I have been chipping away at our various projects around the house. And we’re making progress. It’s just happening more slowly than I would like. One room we made a bunch of progress on today (though not as much as I would like) is Geek Child’s room. Here’s the before:

Red carpet and white walls
The carpet. It is so red.

I spent a day last week painting Geek Child’s bedroom. He loves it, obviously. It’s blue. I looked through this tutorial from Family Handyman again because it’s my favorite painting tutorial. Yep, I have a favorite painting tutorial. It’s definitely made me a faster painter to paint like they describe in the tutorial.

Here’s after painting:

Bedroom with blue walls, black stickers and bright red carpet
Geek Child likes blue. He also likes stickers. I think we’re going to have to help reapply stickers before furniture is moved in.

This is post pulling out that very bright carpet:

Subfloor of blue bedroom. Very exciting
Carpet is out and down to the sub floor. Yay!

The pet smell before we pulled out the carpet was noticeable but not horrible. It was horrible after pulling out the carpet. So we added another step and put down an odor blocker.

Gallon of odor blocker and various painting supplies
Exciting odor blocker! It has a sort of yogurt-like consistency but went down pretty well and definitely killed the smell.

It set us back on our schedule. But here is Geek Dad applying said odor blocker:

Geek Dad applying odor blocking layer with roller
Geek Dad likes his new shirt and doesn’t want to get it gummed up. Pale Geek Dad is pale.

Finally we started actually laying down the new floor. We’re still in the middle of that since it took longer than we hoped on some of the other steps. This pic is from the early stages of putting down the new flooring. We’re about halfway across the room now.

First few rows of new flooring are down
New flooring! We went with Montgomery Apple Pergo Max laminate. So far I like it.

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  • Grandma Geek

    February 10, 2017 at 3:14 am Reply

    Thorough job! I like the new color for geek kid’s bedroom. Sure he will be excited to move in.

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