Getting it Together: New Blog and New House

I’d been planning to start a blog for awhile. I recently moved to a new state with my husband so he could take his first job after finishing up his graduate degree. I’ve been dipping my toe into finding a job, but I’m in a field that’s still got a pretty tight job market after the Great Recession. This blog is an effort to keep myself busy, find new connections, share things I’m learning and doing with my family, and stretch myself by making a go at this whole blogging thing.

I’m starting it today because my husband and I close on a house tomorrow and I want to document our journey updating our new home. This isn’t an interior design blog and the house isn’t the only thing I’ll be blogging about, but it is a reason to start now.

This house has been taken care of meticulously. These were wonderful home owners who clearly loved their home. They also appear to have decorated it when it was finished being built in 1971 and then not done a thing to update it since. There’s lots of wallpaper and wood paneling. I’ve been combing Pinterest trying to find full room painted paneling that I like. I am not taking all of that down. No, sir. The basement is very…retro. Just wait until I get good photos of the bar. All I have to say about it now is “carpet.”

My husband and I updated and fixed up the last house we bought, so we’ve had some practice. It had been a rental and I’m fairly certain a dog with anxiety did a lot of damage we had to fix. There was one doorknob that had been crunched and had teeth marks. We had to replace more than one doorway because it had been clawed up so badly. We don’t really have photos of everything we did to that house. Here are a few just to give you a small taste, though. But I don’t appear to have any photos of after.

Ugly brass light fixture.
A lovely light fixture. You can see the sort of yellow walls in the background. The local sports team’s colors are red and yellow. We think they were trying to paint their apartment with team spirit. It didn’t work well.
Outdated, ugly light fixture
I think this light fixture is from the 1970s, but I’m not really sure. You can see the counterpart red wall for the yellow wall in the previous photo.












Corroded main water shutoff valve.
I don’t have any photos to share of the chewed up doorknob or ruined doorways, but I do have this photo of the main water shutoff for the house. Gives you an idea of what we were dealing with fixing the place up.
Purple bedroom
College students who lived here previously apparently really loved purple.












My goal this time is to take some much better before and after photos. I’ve learned a few things from our experience last time, so I have some lessons learned to share. And now to create a plan of attack for tomorrow.


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